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dsc_6006.jpg dsc_6016.jpg Easter morning egg hunt! dsc_6026.jpg dsc_6031.jpg
dsc_6061.jpg I love Sweedish Fish! dsc_6077.jpg dsc_6080.jpg Let me help... dsc_6083.jpg
dsc_6094.jpg dsc_6110.jpg dsc_6113.jpg dsc_6121.jpg
dsc_6147.jpg dsc_6155.jpg dsc_6170.jpg dsc_6173.jpg
dsc_6180.jpg dsc_6186.jpg dsc_6193.jpg Emily isn't _that_ scared in this shot :-) dsc_6210.jpg
dsc_6220.jpg dsc_6239.jpg dsc_6263.jpg img_3767.jpg
img_3781.jpg dsc_6290.jpg dsc_6303.jpg Step 1: Eat to grow really tall. dsc_6319.jpg
dsc_6333.jpg In a Schneider sandwich dsc_6343.jpg dsc_6344.jpg dsc_6347.jpg Thomas came to Fillmore.  Of course, Devin had to go see him!
dsc_6352.jpg dsc_6356.jpg dsc_6362.jpg dsc_6370.jpg What great tables.  Devin even did a little sharing...
dsc_6372.jpg dsc_6376.jpg dsc_6384.jpg dsc_6387.jpg With Percy.
dsc_6399.jpg Boarding the train. dsc_6403.jpg dsc_6414.jpg What a big Thomas festival. dsc_6415.jpg
dsc_6416.jpg dsc_6423.jpg dsc_6430.jpg dsc_6434.jpg
dsc_6439.jpg Even Grant was wearing a train shirt. dsc_6454.jpg dsc_6459.jpg dsc_6463.jpg
dsc_6475.jpg dsc_6493.jpg dsc_6500.jpg dsc_6512.jpg
dsc_6517.jpg Devin chased after Sir Topham Hatt. dsc_6523.jpg dsc_6526.jpg dsc_6529.jpg
dsc_6531.jpg dsc_6539.jpg With the Engineer dsc_6542.jpg dsc_6549.jpg
dsc_6551.jpg dsc_6554.jpg dsc_6619.jpg Dad gets a fish-eye lens.  Devin's got the golf swing down, but the equipment's all wrong... dsc_6622.jpg
dsc_6624.jpg dsc_6635.jpg Get that paparrazi out of my face! dsc_6649.jpg Strollin' down the Promenade dsc_6657.jpg
dsc_6660.jpg dsc_6703.jpg Climbing everywhere dsc_6721.jpg Devin tries to read the sign that says "Keep Off" dsc_6753.jpg
dsc_6755.jpg dsc_6766.jpg dsc_6786.jpg dsc_6820.jpg
dsc_6838.jpg dsc_6840.jpg dsc_6849.jpg dsc_6863.jpg