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dsc_5392.jpg dsc_5395.jpg dsc_5398.jpg dsc_5405.jpg
dsc_5415.jpg dsc_5418.jpg dsc_5430.jpg dsc_5432.jpg Welcome Grant Edward Busam!
dsc_5434.jpg dsc_5435.jpg dsc_5454.jpg Another big baby! dsc_5477.jpg
dsc_5482.jpg dsc_5499.jpg First bath. dsc_5505.jpg dsc_5524.jpg Snug as a bug in a rug.
dsc_5528.jpg dsc_5535.jpg dsc_5545.jpg Proud Nana dsc_5551.jpg Grant tests the Beats By Dre baby edition.  All good!
dsc_5558.jpg dsc_5576.jpg dsc_5587.jpg Yes, Dada was there too... dsc_5620.jpg All dressed up and ready to head home.
dsc_5637.jpg We got Devin in the same frame as Grant! dsc_5644.jpg dsc_5692.jpg dsc_5727.jpg In Spiderman underoos with Nana on Skype with Uncle Keith.
dsc_5742.jpg dsc_5752.jpg Devin shows off his grant train layout. dsc_5759.jpg dsc_5780.jpg
dsc_5783.jpg dsc_5792.jpg On the way to the park, we have to stop and smell _all_ the roses, and rocks! dsc_5810.jpg dsc_5818.jpg Whoa!  Easter Party!
dsc_5837.jpg dsc_5841.jpg dsc_5850.jpg Devin can climb everything at the park. dsc_5861.jpg
dsc_5871.jpg dsc_5884.jpg dsc_5888.jpg dsc_5906.jpg
dsc_5914.jpg dsc_5933.jpg Devin actually waited fairly patiently for his turn in the jumper. dsc_5934.jpg dsc_5938.jpg
dsc_5956.jpg dsc_5958.jpg As you can imagine, it was not easy getting him out... dsc_5961.jpg dsc_5984.jpg Hey Mr. Bunny, I found an egg you left behind...