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dsc_5582.jpg Tux baby dsc_5585.jpg dsc_5591.jpg Home for a sick day, we have our first family meal together at lunch.  This is how it ended up. dsc_5592.jpg Devin shows off his l33t HaX0r skillz by hacking r00t @ Google
dsc_5606.jpg dsc_5614.jpg Devin stops by Boston to hang with the Morris clan while his parents run off to Italy. dsc_5632.jpg dsc_5633.jpg "Hey Quinn, is that food I see over there?"
dsc_5642.jpg He was happy two seconds before this picture, and two seconds after this picture. dsc_5666.jpg dsc_5669.jpg dsc_5672.jpg
dsc_5674.jpg dsc_5680.jpg dsc_5693.jpg dsc_5697.jpg
dsc_5705.jpg dsc_5712.jpg dsc_5720.jpg dsc_5721.jpg
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