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dsc_8808.jpg In his back yard playpen dsc_8854.jpg dsc_8903.jpg dsc_8980.jpg
dsc_9033.jpg dsc_9050.jpg Real Devin art behind the tie! dsc_9082.jpg dsc_9086.jpg Devin loves taking people's sunglasses and hats
dsc_9094.jpg dsc_9095.jpg dsc_9139.jpg 00020.jpg When babies attack... because they refuse to put jammies on
00043a.jpg I seriously have to wear these things? 00050.jpg 00058.jpg 00063.jpg
00064.jpg 00065.jpg I got you right where I want you! 00073.jpg And I thought I had a lot of clothes. 00083.jpg
00090.jpg 00101.jpg 00107.jpg 00118.jpg
00136a.jpg 00146.jpg OK, I'm done here.  Where else to go check out? dsc_9305.jpg Melia (from the friends page) finally meets Devin. dsc_9309.jpg
dsc_9314.jpg What's this foot in front of me? dsc_9315.jpg I wonder how this foot tastes? dsc_9316.jpg dsc_9319a.jpg
dsc_9322.jpg dsc_9338.jpg dsc_9347.jpg dsc_9353.jpg
dsc_9354.jpg dsc_9356.jpg dsc_9369.jpg dsc_9398.jpg
dsc_9402a.jpg dsc_9404.jpg dsc_9410.jpg dsc_9416.jpg
dsc_9417.jpg dsc_9430.jpg dsc_9432.jpg dsc_9439a.jpg
dsc_9459.jpg dsc_9471.jpg dsc_9482.jpg dsc_9483.jpg
dsc_9495.jpg dsc_9323.jpg dsc_9363.jpg dsc_9387.jpg
dsc_9461.jpg dsc_9554.jpg dsc_9569.jpg dsc_9574.jpg
00003.jpg At El Torito, where Devin's parents are discovering the joys of eating dinner at 5pm, and the value of a family-friendly restaurant. 00004.jpg Hey, I'm cute, why aren't the women at that table checking me out? 00007.jpg 00008.jpg
00011.jpg 00012.jpg 00013.jpg 00014.jpg
00016.jpg 00017.jpg 00001.jpg 00002.jpg
dsc_9595.jpg Devin fell out of his new jungle gym in the back yard. dsc_9607.jpg dsc_9608.jpg dsc_9624.jpg
dsc_9629.jpg dsc_9655.jpg dsc_9663.jpg dsc_9671.jpg
dsc_9676.jpg dsc_9691.jpg dsc_9694.jpg dsc_9700a.jpg In Los Gatos for the 4th, Dipti visited with Jo's grand-daughter Lucy
dsc_9701a.jpg dsc_9714.jpg dsc_9724.jpg dsc_9727.jpg
dsc_9732.jpg dsc_9736a.jpg dsc_9737.jpg Right after this picture, Devin fell all the way down the stairs. dsc_9740.jpg Devin shows his American pride at the Adams Road 4th of July Picnic
dsc_9749.jpg dsc_9757.jpg dsc_9760.jpg dsc_9767.jpg No, Jonalyn didn't have another Baby, Grandma is with Lucy
dsc_9768.jpg dsc_9769.jpg Devin and dad have their bottles together. dsc_9779.jpg dsc_9784.jpg
dsc_9798.jpg dsc_9804.jpg dsc_9806.jpg dsc_9814.jpg
dsc_9824a.jpg dsc_9829.jpg dsc_9841.jpg Devin tries out the bathtub his dad grew up in. dsc_9844a.jpg
dsc_9845a.jpg dsc_9851a.jpg dsc_9861a.jpg dsc_9873.jpg
dsc_9877.jpg dsc_9878.jpg dsc_9880.jpg dsc_9886.jpg
dsc_9888.jpg Devin was fascinated with neighbor Zahir dsc_9891.jpg dsc_9901.jpg dsc_9907.jpg Devin with Zahir's sister Natasha (who claims to "not be a baby person")
dsc_9910.jpg dsc_9922.jpg Devin digs for gold in the beer chest dsc_9929.jpg dsc_9932.jpg
dsc_9942.jpg Devin with Mateo by the pool dsc_9947.jpg Right after this, Devin attempted another couch dive - and earned another ouch report! dsc_9961.jpg Dipti with one of the twins (we think it might be Lucy) dsc_9963.jpg You get a prize if you can find two babies in this picture.
dsc_9980.jpg dsc_9988.jpg An early 1st birthday party at Grandma's dsc_0001.jpg dsc_0008.jpg
dsc_0011.jpg dsc_0012.jpg dsc_0013.jpg dsc_0015.jpg
dsc_0031.jpg dsc_0050.jpg dsc_0052.jpg dsc_0056.jpg
dsc_0065.jpg dsc_0076.jpg dsc_0155.jpg dsc_0156.jpg
dsc_0178.jpg Devin loves making music. dsc_0184.jpg Devin watches Sesame Street for the first time. dsc_0186.jpg