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dsc01227.jpg With the B of B/HI at the end-of-summer party (SM Pier) dsc01232.jpg Devin's first carnival ride.  Thanks to Becky on the spot with the camera. dsc01234.jpg dsc_1831.jpg
dsc_1842.jpg dsc_1852.jpg dsc_1863.jpg dsc_1887.jpg
dsc_1898.jpg dsc_1907.jpg Devin puts up a big block at the Manhattan Beach AVP. dsc_1914.jpg Is eating the net legal? dsc_1920.jpg
dsc_1928.jpg dsc_1929.jpg dsc_1931.jpg dsc_1935.jpg OMG! A fountain!
dsc_1959.jpg dsc_1997.jpg dsc_1999.jpg dsc_2010.jpg
dsc_2025.jpg dsc_2055.jpg dsc_2066.jpg dsc_2079.jpg Devin goes on his first date with Alessia.
dsc_2088.jpg dsc_2093.jpg The climber can go over the couch now.  Only Devin would pose mid-tumble for the camera. dsc_2095.jpg dsc_2096.jpg
dsc_2098.jpg dsc_2101.jpg dsc_2104.jpg dsc_2108.jpg
dsc_2111.jpg dsc_2121.jpg dsc_2125.jpg dsc_2126.jpg You can't see mom, but she's hiding below "just in case"
dsc_2144.jpg dsc_2150.jpg dsc_2197.jpg dsc_2200.jpg