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061.JPG Uncle Keith learns not to let Devin too close to an iPhone 069.JPG Uncle Keith tries to fix Devin's bathtub drain dsc_2798.jpg "Mom needs a little help with her bookwork" dsc_2804.jpg "They'll get a much better yield if I just re-allocate a little here"
dsc_2831.jpg "Do I hear one of my subordinates slacking off?" dsc_2839.jpg "The answers are all in this file." dsc_2854.jpg dsc_2855.jpg They broke a water line during construction, giving us a nice little river
dsc_2861.jpg dsc_2862.jpg dsc_2871.jpg dsc_2872.jpg
dsc_2900.jpg dsc_2909.jpg dsc_2913.jpg dsc_2917.jpg
dsc_2920.jpg dsc_3031.jpg Devin hones his ninja skills ahead of Halloween dsc_3069.jpg dsc_3100.jpg
dsc_3171.jpg DSC_9085.JPG dsc_3219.jpg The master Ninja and his apprentice get ready to take on the Google costume contest dsc_3227.jpg
dsc_3247.jpg Team Sushi dsc_3249.jpg dsc_3254.jpg Team Juno dsc_3261.jpg Bruce got eaten by a little shark!
dsc_3263.jpg dsc_3272.jpg dsc_3277.jpg dsc_3285.jpg
dsc_3289.jpg dsc_3292.jpg dsc_3299.jpg DSC04077.JPG At B/HI with Shannon
dsc_3305.jpg Next the ninjas stealthily infiltrated the party at day care.  Here we see Devin's friend Zoe. dsc_3313.jpg dsc_3350.jpg Devin tried to take the pumkin from his friend Adam. dsc_3351.jpg
dsc_3355.jpg dsc_3364.jpg dsc_3385.jpg dsc_3388.jpg
dsc_3390.jpg dsc_3405.jpg dsc_3415.jpg dsc_3429.jpg
dsc_3448.jpg dsc_3458.jpg dsc_3466.jpg dsc_3491.jpg
dsc_3507.jpg dsc_3511.jpg dsc_3517.jpg The resident musician came for the party.  As always, Devin was very excited about that. dsc_3524.jpg
dsc_3541.jpg dsc_3573.jpg dsc_3587.jpg dsc_3591.jpg
dsc_3618.jpg dsc_3652.jpg Devin pulls on the strings of the Pinata dsc_3667.jpg A Pinata with Goldfish is my kind of Pinata! dsc_3673.jpg
dsc_3690.jpg dsc_3691.jpg I'd rather keep the string. dsc_3703.jpg dsc_3718.jpg