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dsc_3737.jpg In matching cowboy shirts and jeans at dad's birthday party dsc_3740.jpg dsc_3745.jpg dsc_3762.jpg Luc & Noah came to the party too!  Alessia came after the camera was replaced with beer.
dsc_3763.jpg dsc_3769.jpg dsc_3771.jpg dsc_3773.jpg
dsc_3777.jpg dsc_3787.jpg dsc_3790.jpg dsc_3800.jpg Devin helps all our visitors with their work too!
dsc_3802.jpg Can you find Devin in this picture? dsc_3806.jpg There he is! dsc_3810.jpg dsc_3818.jpg
dsc_3820.jpg He still won't say "mama", but we swear he said "gobbble-gobble" when he picked up the Thanksgiving card. dsc_3821.jpg dsc_3825.jpg dsc_3829.jpg
dsc_3835.jpg dsc_3839.jpg The men watch Monday Night Football dsc_3853.jpg Devin keeps getting closer to walking on his own. _m273536.jpg At the Thanksgiving dinner table with the whole family.
_m273540.jpg _m273541.jpg _m273546.jpg Aunt Michelle's family was there too! _dsc1306.jpg
_dsc1310.jpg _m273611.jpg _m273612.jpg _m273614.jpg
dsc_3857.jpg A day after he first walks, Devin returns to the scene for a dramatic re-enactment. dsc_3860.jpg dsc_3862.jpg s41768cb113370_2.jpg We stopped by the studio for some more shots before we headed home.
s41768cb113370_3.jpg s41768cb113370_5.jpg s41768cb113370_9.jpg How's this sexy-time family? s41768cb113370_14.jpg