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dsc_4008.jpg I think I need a haircut! img_0051.jpg Outside the barber shop. img_0053.jpg I'm ready to go... img_0057.jpg Whoa!
img_0065.jpg img_0067.jpg img_0075.jpg I'm freshly trimmed! dsc_4046.jpg
dsc_4054.jpg Why don't I just toss these puffs all over the floor? dsc_4069.jpg Then walk on them? dsc_4070.jpg Staci left her 7-Up, so I drank it! dsc_4094.jpg It's chaos with all the boys around for Christmas!
dsc_4095.jpg dsc_4099.jpg dsc_4102.jpg dsc_4120.jpg
dsc_4129.jpg dsc_4133.jpg dsc_4140.jpg dsc_4146.jpg
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