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dsc_5909.jpg Devin walking to day care.  Today is his first day in the Toddler Room. dsc_5915.jpg dsc_5917.jpg After intially being a little scared, and sitting away from everybody in the corner, Devin decides to join in the action. dsc_5925.jpg Almost there...
dsc_5934.jpg dsc_5945.jpg Ah, now let's have some fun. dsc_5955.jpg dsc_5967.jpg
dsc_5968.jpg dsc_5969.jpg dsc_5974.jpg dsc_5991.jpg
dsc_6010.jpg dsc_6017.jpg dsc_6019.jpg dsc_6058.jpg
dsc_6071.jpg dsc_6074.jpg dsc_6089.jpg dsc_6106.jpg
dsc_6124.jpg dsc_6152.jpg dsc_6157.jpg dsc_6163.jpg
dsc_6171.jpg dsc_6177.jpg dsc_6190.jpg dsc_6208.jpg
dsc_6225.jpg April's work is done!!! dsc_6229.jpg dsc_6249.jpg dsc_6252.jpg Devin wants to get into this picture-taking business.
dsc_6258.jpg dsc_6265.jpg The Artist poses with her masterpiece. dsc_6269.jpg dsc_6275.jpg
dsc_6276.jpg dsc_7140.jpg