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dsc_9683.jpg dsc_9700.jpg dsc_9702.jpg dsc_9710.jpg
dsc_9713.jpg dsc_9719.jpg dsc_9725.jpg dsc_9741.jpg
dsc_9742.jpg dsc_9767.jpg dsc_9770.jpg dsc_9772.jpg
dsc_9777.jpg dsc_9780.jpg dsc_9814.jpg Luc's 2nd birthday cake was so fancy it needed a blowtorch! dsc_9823.jpg
dsc_9835.jpg dsc_9838.jpg dsc_9841.jpg dsc_9848.jpg
dsc_9866.jpg dsc_9887.jpg dsc_9898.jpg dsc_9913.jpg
dsc_9953.jpg dsc_9957.jpg dsc_9987.jpg Devin loves playing with his trains. dsc_9993.jpg
dsc_0002.jpg Thomas pulling "DEVIN" dsc_0011.jpg What's in here for me? dsc_0029.jpg Nana came to visit.  Our camera's counter rolled over again - 30,000 pictures! dsc_0043.jpg A new friend, Jake, came to visit.
dsc_0050.jpg I'm ready to hit this! dsc_0053.jpg Here it comes... dsc_0060.jpg Whoops. Almost. dsc_0063.jpg Eventually water will come out of here.
dsc_0067.jpg dsc_0070.jpg dsc_0075.jpg dsc_0078.jpg
dsc_0107.jpg dsc_0114.jpg Jen spent a lot of time with Devin during her visit.