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dsc_7077.jpg dsc_7094.jpg dsc_7099.jpg dsc_7119.jpg
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dsc_7300.jpg Touchdown! dsc_7320.jpg Devin gets a new stroller, and the Niners finish off the Rams.  What a good day! dsc_7341.jpg dsc_7343.jpg
dsc_7358.jpg dsc_7383.jpg dsc_7394.jpg dsc_7404.jpg Devin browses to on an iPhone.
dsc_7412.jpg After seeing a baby, Jonathan has to drink. dsc_7420.jpg One day Johanna and Jonalyn meet Vince in the conference room at Bender.  The next thing you know, Jonalyn & Vince have a baby! dsc_7430.jpg dsc_7479.jpg Susan Paley hams it up with D.
dsc_7486.jpg dsc_7498.jpg dsc_7519.jpg Sometimes after a long week you just want to lie down on the couch and shake your arms around. dsc_7525.jpg
dsc_7529.jpg dsc_7537.jpg dsc_7539.jpg dsc_7548.jpg
dsc_7582.jpg Luc stopped by with mom Martina dsc_7592.jpg dsc_7598.jpg dsc_7612.jpg
dsc_7626.jpg dsc_7632.jpg What do you know, they're wearing the same outfit! dsc_7641.jpg dsc_7652.jpg
dsc_7653.jpg dsc_7663.jpg dsc_7665.jpg Luc's dad Bob is a pastry chef at the Ritz, and made us great a dessert! dsc_7671.jpg Renee & Gary stopped by, installed our heating system, made carne asada, and took care of Devin.  What a deal!
dsc_7677.jpg Aaron & Julie with their anniversary cake dsc_7689.jpg dsc_7694.jpg Devin is getting better and better at finding his thumb. dsc_7704.jpg Devin's first love, Alessia, makes a house call.
dsc_7711.jpg dsc_7722.jpg dsc_7726.jpg dsc_7727.jpg Devin drives to Phoenix to meet his great grandparents (his dad's mother's parents, Bob & Marion)
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dsc_7792.jpg dsc_7796.jpg dsc_7807.jpg dsc_7814.jpg
dsc_7820.jpg This picture of Devin's grandmother (with his great-grandmother) looks very much like him. dsc_7824.jpg Devin dons his sailing outfit for the dinner "cruise" through Europe dsc_7841.jpg dsc_7861.jpg
dsc_7867.jpg dsc_7872.jpg dsc_7882.jpg dsc_7888.jpg
dsc_7891.jpg dsc_7893.jpg dsc_7901.jpg dsc_7906.jpg
dsc_7910.jpg dsc_7961.jpg dsc_8008.jpg Devin travels to Los Gatos to visit his grandparents. dsc_8036.jpg
dsc_8044.jpg dsc_8051.jpg Jonalyn & Shannon handle B/HI matters after dinner. dsc_8053.jpg 20071008vb_003.jpg
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20071008_012.jpg 20071008_013.jpg 20071008vb_098.jpg 20071008vb_119.jpg
20071008vb_125.jpg 20071008vb_138.jpg 20071008vb_164.jpg 20071008_015.jpg
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