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dsc_1089.jpg Devin sportin' his Giants gear dsc_1106.jpg dsc_1115.jpg On his 6 month birthday, Devin drove to Phoenix to go to a charity golf tournament for his friend Alessia's Grandpa.  On his way, he stopped to visit his Great-Grandparents. dsc_1126.jpg
dsc_1132.jpg dsc_1140.jpg dsc_1144.jpg dsc_1152.jpg
dsc_1154.jpg dsc_1169.jpg dsc_1199.jpg dsc_1206.jpg
dsc_1213.jpg dsc_1242.jpg Devin opens his present from Uncle Keith and Aunt Michelle dsc_1248.jpg Though Devin has been reall great the last few months, it's not always perfect dsc_1277.jpg Tigger sure helps cheer people up
dsc_1279.jpg img_0024.jpg Devin at the doctor's office dsc_1284.jpg dsc_1297.jpg
dsc_1302.jpg dsc_1307.jpg Devin dons his gear for the AFC Championship game dsc_1316.jpg dsc_1339.jpg
dsc_1346.jpg dsc_1352.jpg dsc_1374.jpg dsc_1377.jpg
dsc_1398.jpg dsc_1414.jpg dsc_1415.jpg dsc_1422.jpg
dsc_1442.jpg dsc_1450.jpg dsc_1458.jpg dsc_1477.jpg
dsc_1487.jpg dsc_1511.jpg dsc_1516.jpg img_0925.jpg Devin stops by B/HI to help out.
img_0927.jpg img_0928.jpg Sure, it can edit vidoes, but does it taste good? img_0931.jpg This presidents chair sure fits me well... img_0935.jpg
img_0940.jpg dsc_1521.jpg I'm feeling lucky! dsc_1523.jpg dsc_1538.jpg
dsc_1542.jpg Luc and his parents came over for the Super Bowl, and met Tony dsc_1547.jpg Devin explained this football thing to Natalie.  He spit up on his shirt, the Pats spit up on the field.  18-1* dsc_1549.jpg dsc_1559.jpg
dsc_1560.jpg Devin and Luc discuss the game. dsc_1570.jpg Dad & Devin change into Niners gear dsc_1572.jpg Baby kittens! dsc_1577.jpg
dsc_1588.jpg dsc_1596.jpg dsc_1615.jpg It's warm enough for Devin to change into his volleyball gear. dsc_1620.jpg
dsc_1622.jpg dsc_1635.jpg dsc_1640.jpg dsc_1646.jpg
dsc_1674.jpg dsc_1679.jpg dsc_1691.jpg dsc_1697.jpg
dsc_1703.jpg dsc_1739.jpg