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dsc_1744.jpg Devin's new favorite munchie - his toes! dsc_1749.jpg The ultimate ladies man dsc_1755.jpg dsc_1783.jpg A valentine from Devin made at day care
dsc_1858.jpg Let go of my beer! dsc_1870.jpg Oh crap, do I hear the cops coming? dsc_1883.jpg What is this, and why does it feel so good when I'm teething? dsc_1891.jpg Mom & Dad ditched Devin & Grandma and scooted up to Napa for the weekend.  We found Angele for lunch.
dsc_1897.jpg At the Robert Sinskey winery dsc_1902.jpg Robert Sinskey dsc_1904.jpg Stags Leap Wine Cellars dsc_1906.jpg The tram at Sterling
dsc_1913.jpg dsc_1916.jpg dsc_1920.jpg What a view from Sterling! dsc_1921.jpg
dsc_1923.jpg dsc_1925.jpg dsc_1927.jpg dsc_1930.jpg The house cat.
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