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img_0058.jpg With Deborah at Marix DSC01167.JPG DSC01168.JPG DSC01169.JPG
DSC01170.JPG Starting a hike up into the Santa Monica mountains. DSC01171.JPG DSC01172.JPG DSC01173.JPG Apparently the mountains weren't exciting enough to keep Devin awake.
DSC01174.JPG DSC01175.JPG DSC01176.JPG DSC01177.JPG
DSC01178.JPG Overlooking West Los Angeles and the ocean. DSC01179.JPG DSC01180.JPG DSC01181.JPG
DSC01182.JPG dsc_3026.jpg Splish splash Devin was taking a bath dsc_3043.jpg dsc_3059.jpg Devin hogs his parents' bed to catch some sleep in preparation of his cousins' visit.
dsc_3066.jpg And here's Quinny! dsc_3082.jpg dsc_3098.jpg dsc_3108.jpg
dsc_3115.jpg dsc_3120.jpg dsc_3192.jpg Devin explains to Quinn how he can play outside in March in LA. dsc_3198.jpg
dsc_3214.jpg dsc_3223.jpg Eamon gives a mean hug. dsc_3250a.jpg dsc_3269a.jpg
dsc_3301.jpg dsc_3315.jpg dsc_3337.jpg dsc_3383.jpg
dsc_3385.jpg Timmmber! dsc_3391.jpg Eamon prepares to take them both down dsc_3399.jpg And down they go... dsc_3400.jpg
dsc_3401.jpg dsc_3451.jpg Devin practices his back-seat driving. dsc_3459.jpg I do not like green eggs & ham.  Devin says "what?" dsc_3477.jpg
dsc_3480.jpg dsc_3482.jpg dsc_3486.jpg dsc_3492.jpg
dsc_3503.jpg dsc_3506.jpg dsc_3513.jpg dsc_3527.jpg
dsc_3539.jpg dsc_3586a.jpg dsc_3599.jpg dsc_3612.jpg
dsc_3631.jpg dsc_3674.jpg dsc_3682.jpg We got up really early to head to Disney, and got the Chip 'n Dale lot (An old Morris tradition) dsc_3689.jpg Devin loved Dumbo, his first ride.
dsc_3701.jpg dsc_3707.jpg dsc_3719.jpg dsc_3722.jpg
dsc_3734.jpg dsc_3759.jpg Mr Toad's Wild Ride dsc_3771.jpg dsc_3776.jpg
dsc_3789.jpg The Monorail clears a bird off the tracks.  Later it broke down. dsc_3811.jpg Storybookland - not worth the 30 minute wait. dsc_3818.jpg dsc_3833.jpg
dsc_3852.jpg dsc_3927.jpg dsc_3957.jpg We get some Dole Fruit Whips outside the Tiki Hut.  Known as "The Dole" dsc_3962.jpg Dad doesn't like pineapple either.
dsc_4003.jpg dsc_4013.jpg Boarding the Jungle Cruise. dsc_4019.jpg dsc_4038.jpg
dsc_4049.jpg Waiting in line for Pirates. csc_4165.jpg dsc_4054.jpg The park was a sea of strollers. dsc_4092.jpg
dsc_4109.jpg Diners watching the boats go by at Pirates. dsc_4112.jpg Club 33.  Jonalyn needs to find a way to get us in next time. dsc_4118.jpg dsc_4141.jpg
dsc_4156.jpg Devin in front of a Lego version of the Empire State Building. csc_4163.jpg csc_4227.jpg dsc_4169.jpg
dsc_4185.jpg dsc_4386.jpg dsc_4387.jpg dsc_4674a.jpg
dsc_4691.jpg dsc_4730.jpg dsc_4822.jpg Under the tent in the back yard. dsc_4833.jpg
dsc_4843.jpg dsc_4846.jpg dsc_4855.jpg dsc_4869.jpg Devin's first time swimming.
dsc_4875.jpg dsc_4906.jpg dsc_4912.jpg dsc_4920.jpg
dsc_4952.jpg dsc_4980.jpg dsc_5000.jpg dsc_5005.jpg
dsc_5007.jpg dsc_5094.jpg SoCal cools down just enough that Devin has to wear a sweater... dsc_5121.jpg ... to the Red Sox - Dodgers game. dsc_5125.jpg We got Kevin's great seats.
dsc_5128.jpg dsc_5133.jpg dsc_5140.jpg Red Sox errors leading to Dodgers runs made Devin upset. dsc_5155.jpg
dsc_5160.jpg dsc_5176.jpg dsc_5182.jpg dsc_5194.jpg Johanna & Alex came with us.
dsc_5196.jpg dsc_5219.jpg dsc_5228.jpg dsc_5230.jpg
dsc_5247.jpg dsc_5249.jpg The Dodgers pile it on. dsc_5250.jpg dsc_5252.jpg
dsc_5270.jpg dsc_5279.jpg In spite of the Dogers winning, everyone still had a great time. dsc_5381.jpg dsc_5410.jpg Dad will use this picture to make sure Devin never goes to USC.
dsc_5414.jpg img_0082.jpg Out to lunch at Babalu on Montana dsc_5428.jpg dsc_5441.jpg
dsc_5449.jpg dsc_5461.jpg dsc_5487.jpg dsc_5494.jpg
dsc_5508.jpg dsc_5510.jpg dsc_5519.jpg dsc_5534.jpg