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img_0137.jpg At the Children's Museum of Art.  Devin liked pouring out the crayons and putting them back in their tray more than drawing with them. img_0144.jpg Downstairs, though, was an awesome ball pit! img_0149.jpg Another great playground at Washington Square Park. img_0151.jpg
img_0152.jpg With a new friend at Dinosaur Playground dsc_7852.jpg At the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn. dsc_7861.jpg dsc_7870.jpg
dsc_7879.jpg dsc_7883.jpg After a good morning at the zoo, Devin was hungry.  This 'hood just had a Wendy's nearby.  Good enough for Devin! dsc_7908.jpg At the NY Transit Museum (choo-choo museum).  Devin loved running around the old subway cars. dsc_7917.jpg Finally, a picture with Kathryn!
dsc_7950.jpg dsc_7972.jpg Jackie came to visit! dsc_7981.jpg dsc_7984.jpg The kids napped all afternoon.  Everybody was tired!
dsc_7987.jpg dsc_8009.jpg If you ever wondered how you could have 3 floors full of M&M's, here's your answer. dsc_8027.jpg dsc_8032.jpg
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