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img_0162.jpg Splish-splash with Edel. img_0167.jpg img_0168.jpg The sax guy was playing "Sesame Street" img_0170.jpg Sometimes I just want to relax.
dsc_8559.jpg Devin rode the choo-choo to Kings County to visit David & Michele dsc_8566.jpg Guiness in Carroll Park. dsc_8573.jpg dsc_8576.jpg Jonalyn met up with some childhood friends.
img_0172.jpg This was a big street fair! dsc_0145.jpg dsc_0161.jpg dsc_0187.jpg The Statue of Liberty again, this time on a round-Manhattan boat ride with Kathryn.
dsc_0195.jpg dsc_8599.jpg dsc_8607.jpg dsc_8608.jpg The best $1.5B money can buy.
dsc_8613.jpg Yes, he really ate broccoli! img_0176.jpg Mmmmmmmmmmm......... img_0178.jpg dsc_8622.jpg Taking the train to the airport.
dsc_8623.jpg Devin loves the choo-choo! dsc_8638.jpg dsc_9525.jpg Playing around at the Children's Museum of Manhattan dsc_9534.jpg
dsc_9556.jpg dsc_9562.jpg dsc_9572.jpg dsc_9588.jpg
dsc_9599.jpg When's the train coming?  Devin waiting to head back to Manhattan after visiting Queens, his 5th Borough. dsc_9612.jpg Devin had a good time at his weekly gym/music class. img_0181.jpg img_0188.jpg Meeting little Seth.
dsc_9618.jpg dsc_9627.jpg At our last NYC dinner - a Mexican restaurant on 9th Ave. dsc_9636.jpg dsc_9637.jpg
dsc_9645.jpg dsc_9656.jpg dsc_9675.jpg The end of our cruising around New York. img_0191.jpg We had a LOT of luggage.