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dsc_1739.jpg Being inspected right after coming out. dsc_1747.jpg Mom was exhausted after pushing out such a big baby. dsc_1752.jpg dsc_1754.jpg
dsc_1756.jpg dsc_1771.jpg It's official, he's huge! dsc_1778.jpg dsc_1779.jpg
dsc_1786.jpg Devin did not like his first bath. dsc_1798.jpg dsc_1804.jpg dsc_1807.jpg
dsc_1813.jpg dsc_1816.jpg JoJo and Grandpa showed up just in time to catch him on his first day. dsc_1818.jpg dsc_1819.jpg
dsc_1821.jpg dsc_1828.jpg dsc_1830.jpg dsc_1838.jpg
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