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dsc_2173.jpg Grandma & Grandpa Busam meet Devin for the first time dsc_2183.jpg dsc_2203b.jpg dsc_2203.jpg Devin with his parents and all of his grandparents.
dsc_2205a.jpg dsc_2205.jpg dsc_2214.jpg dsc_2230.jpg
dsc_2239.jpg dsc_2254.jpg dsc_2283.jpg dsc_2287.jpg Vince learns to juggle taking care of Devin while drinking at the same time.
dsc_2290.jpg img_0915.jpg img_0919.jpg Grandma takes Devin on a walk, which always calms him down.  (So he goes on a lot of walks!) That grafitti was cleared up within a couple days... img_0923.jpg
dsc_2304.jpg Devin's second farmer's market in 2 weeks. dsc_2325.jpg dsc_2371.jpg Devin's first posed shoot. dsc_2388.jpg
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