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dsc_3080.jpg Devin visits Noah for his first offical playdate, with Noah's mom Rachel, and April (both volleyball players) for lunch. dsc_3084.jpg dsc_3087.jpg dsc_3117.jpg Getting dressed up in his first Hawaiin shirt to go to the Manhattan Six Man (courtesy of Sarah, Yon, Alison, & Kevin)
dsc_3124.jpg dsc_3126.jpg dsc_3143.jpg Devin meets his first AVP Pro, Josie of Team Godesses dsc_3160.jpg Devin was a hit with the ladies from Sorrento - Dawn, Nicole, and Delanee
dsc_3169.jpg dsc_3196.jpg Although it wasn't a beer, Devin can still claim to be drinking at his first Six Man. dsc_3289.jpg dsc_3293.jpg Aunt Michelle visits.
dsc_3295.jpg Uncle Keith meets Devin. dsc_3301.jpg dsc_3313.jpg Devin visits Sorrento beach yet again, where Mom & Dad play volleyball dsc_3329.jpg
dsc_3337.jpg dsc_3340.jpg At the Red Lion Tavern in Silverlake.  Devin learns to love German beer and food! dsc_3342.jpg Keith may have snuck Devin a sip or two dsc_3344.jpg Bees and babies can smell fear - somehow Scott Starkey reminded us of this quote
dsc_3348.jpg Renee and Gary host us at the Portugese Bend Club (Palos Verdes) for Carne Asada dsc_3353.jpg dsc_3357.jpg Those beer bottles weren't empty very often dsc_3363.jpg Views of PBC, the private beach club the Buckler's belong to.
dsc_3368.jpg dsc_3377.jpg dsc_3382.jpg We tried convincing Amanda to practice for all the babysitting we'll make her do for us dsc_3383.jpg
dsc_3389.jpg dsc_3391.jpg dsc_3392.jpg We went for lunch, and had such a good time we stayed for dinner! dsc_3399.jpg