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015_karch.jpg The closest dad will get to an Olympic gold medal - Karch gives a clinic at the beach 016_karch.jpg 018_karch.jpg a01.jpg Devin took two days off to visit the AVP tournament in Manhattan Beach.
adsc_3502.jpg Devin has it made in the shade. dsc_3455.jpg Devin's friend Noah was there too. dsc_3480orig3513.jpg Riley hangs out in his Pack N' Play during the matches. dsc_3482.jpg We watched Riley's mom Josie play.  She did really well.
dsc_3621.jpg Next Devin watched daddy's old co-ed league partner Laurel play.  Daddy took too much credit for her playing so well. dsc_3708.jpg dsc_3710.jpg Devin is wiped out after a full day at the beach. dsc_3837.jpg The next day at the main draw, Devin met Albert Hanneman, who took Vince & Jonalyn on a couple vacations.
dsc_3954.jpg Devin meets Jonalyn's friend Kim, wife of AVP Pro Canyon Ceman. dsc_3962.jpg Canyon meets Devin and gets some training for his upcoming little one dsc_3986.jpg Devin treks deep into the Valley to visit new friend Alessia Hungerford and her mom Angela dsc_3988.jpg
dsc_3995.jpg Paul Hungerford hams it up with Devin dsc_3997.jpg Devin's friend Alessia is small enough that Vince can hold her and a beer at the same time! dsc_4003.jpg Devin & Alessia.  Devin is one week older. dsc_4008.jpg
dsc_4012.jpg dsc_4034.jpg If Devin's site were accurate, more pictures would look like this. dsc_4040.jpg Devin dreams about how much UCLA is going to beat Notre Dame (sorry Uncle Eddie) dsc_4047.jpg
dsc_4053.jpg Devin's first dinner party, with Noa and Jordan, the newborn twin daughers of Jonalyn's good frend Stacy. dsc_4057.jpg Noa in her swing dsc_4059.jpg dsc_4062.jpg Devin cheats on Alessia with the Levy twins
dsc_4064.jpg Noa, still in her swing dsc_4069.jpg PR moms dsc_4072.jpg Grandma & Grandpa Busam came back for another visit dsc_4085.jpg
dsc_4086.jpg dsc_4090.jpg dsc_4097.jpg Devin's official! dsc_4102.jpg
dsc_4109.jpg dsc_4115a.jpg dsc_4116.jpg dsc_4121.jpg