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dsc_2247.jpg dsc_2281.jpg dsc_2298.jpg dsc_2307.jpg
dsc_2321.jpg dsc_2520.jpg Making frosting for the gingerbread house. dsc_2541.jpg dsc_2549.jpg
dsc_2575.jpg dsc_1621.jpg Devin gets behind the camera and takes a picture of Dada. dsc_1695.jpg Next time, I'll give Devin an autofocus lens. dsc_2580.jpg
dsc_2591.jpg dsc_2595.jpg He fired off about 100 shots after watching on Elmo's World. dsc_2598.jpg dsc_2606.jpg
dsc_2617.jpg In Massachusetts, Eamon tries to convert Devin to the world of Star Wars. dsc_2630.jpg dsc_2636.jpg dsc_2649.jpg
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