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dsc_2247.jpg dsc_2281.jpg dsc_2298.jpg dsc_2307.jpg
dsc_2321.jpg dsc_2520.jpg Making frosting for the gingerbread house. dsc_2541.jpg dsc_2549.jpg
dsc_2575.jpg dsc_1621.jpg Devin gets behind the camera and takes a picture of Dada. dsc_1695.jpg Next time, I'll give Devin an autofocus lens. dsc_2580.jpg
dsc_2591.jpg dsc_2595.jpg He fired off about 100 shots after watching on Elmo's World. dsc_2598.jpg dsc_2606.jpg
dsc_2617.jpg In Massachusetts, Eamon tries to convert Devin to the world of Star Wars. dsc_2630.jpg dsc_2636.jpg dsc_2649.jpg
dsc_2652.jpg dsc_2657.jpg dsc_2672.jpg dsc_2681.jpg Listen buddy, you even eye my toys, and you'll never see that nook again.
dsc_2714.jpg Da-da-da-da, we dusted off the Speak & Spell! dsc_2733.jpg Doing the Kung Fu Panda dance moves. dsc_2777.jpg Uncle Eddie's WWE training shines through here. dsc_2786.jpg
dsc_2791.jpg dsc_2799.jpg dsc_2813.jpg Candlepin bowling, follwed by flatbread pizza. dsc_2815.jpg
dsc_2816.jpg dsc_2841.jpg Note how there are too many balls stuck in the return. dsc_2851.jpg dsc_2854.jpg How did I get left out of this?
dsc_2861.jpg dsc_2870.jpg dsc_2876.jpg dsc_2898.jpg
dsc_2913.jpg dsc_2927.jpg dsc_2942.jpg dsc_2946.jpg The outtakes.
dsc_2947.jpg dsc_2952.jpg dsc_2973.jpg I wonder if sticking your tounge out is genetic... dsc_2987.jpg
dsc_3002.jpg dsc_3108.jpg dsc_3121.jpg dsc_3124.jpg The crew comes down to presents.
dsc_3127.jpg dsc_3129.jpg dsc_3163.jpg dsc_3187.jpg
dsc_3211.jpg dsc_3226.jpg dsc_3281.jpg dsc_3295.jpg
dsc_3305.jpg dsc_3311.jpg dsc_3368.jpg dsc_3384.jpg
dsc_3396.jpg dsc_3401.jpg dsc_3430.jpg The Wii, and then they were never heard from again.  Until they got stuck on a level... dsc_3436.jpg
dsc_3440.jpg dsc_3442.jpg dsc_3493.jpg dsc_3519.jpg
dsc_3525.jpg dsc_3540.jpg dsc_3562.jpg dsc_3571.jpg
dsc_3580.jpg dsc_3589.jpg