Refresh Your News Feed - Grant Edward Busam Officially Enters the World!

Santa Monica, CA - (March 27th, 2:03PM) – Vince and Jonalyn (Morris) Busam proudly announce the birth of their second son, Grant Edward. Following in the footsteps of his big brother Devin (and we're not kidding about the “big”), Grant entered the world weighing in at 8 lbs 14 oz, and 20 inches, and came in very timely - on his due date.

The name Grant is inspired by the world-traveling, beer-brewing Grants on Vince’s mom’s side, and Edward is a tribute to his Uncle Eddie, Grandpa and the late Great Grandpa (fondly known as Papa) on the Morris side.

In true Vince and Jonalyn fashion, the couple was well-prepared for Grant's arrival, making sure they remembered to add the baby blanket and nursing pillow to the hospital bag - the laptop, Verizon wireless card and two iPhones had been packed weeks in advance. Luckily, both the nursery and Grant's website were developed and expedited through QA months ago.

Grant's older brother Devin was busy reading up on Linux for Toddlers and unable to attend the birth, but our sources reached him at his home office/bunk bed to ask if the 2 ½ year-old is excited about becoming a big brother.

"Excited? Yes," replied Devin. "Willing to slow beta testing on my latest application to share Thomas trains and teach the little guy the ways of the world? We'll see."

Back at St. John's hospital, doctors were quoted as saying, "Mother and father are doing fine, and Grant's got most of our nursery staff on Twitter and migrated over to his Dad's iPhone app, Nimblenord."

Photos of the family are of course already online at

Love, Vince, Jonalyn, Devin and Grant